A really satisfying conclusion to the Out of Uniform series

Rough Terrain (Out of Uniform #7)Rough Terrain by Annabeth Albert

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

I write this in a strange state of both joy – at such a lovely romance – and sorrow at knowing this is the final book in what has been a quite outstanding series of military romances from Annabeth.

She chooses to end her Out of Uniform series on a high though and this is a story I didn’t know I was needing which gives Canaan (who we last saw in Ben and Maddox’s On Point literally coming between the two men) his own complex SEAL with which to fall in love.

I loved Canaan, initially seen as a bit of SEAL chaser only interested in the uniform, it quickly became clear that he was a man with far more depth than outward appearances indicated. I loved his scenes with his Grandpa.

Rooster/Renzo – ooh I wanted to shake him sometimes but he behaves as he does for good reason and I completely got why he was so hesitant but once he decided he was in, he went all in and the Epilogue in this one just made my heart sing!

There’s troubles along the way, the sex is possibly some of the most varied and intense Annabeth has ever written (view spoiler)

Canaan’s former bandmates, manager Kelly aside, weren’t particularly pleasant people and I could feel his hurt seeping out when he was forced back into their space. So-called friends don’t behave like they did, never mind his ex-twat of a boyfriend and I found the scenes with them to be quite moving.

Renzo’s family were fab, Italian, expressive, consuming, overwhelming, but proud of their son and not quite sure how to demonstrate it in a way which didn’t bring more issues.

There’s lots going on in this one but Annabeth saves the best for last as she pulls all the plot lines together for a truly wonderful conclusion. I will miss this series, although there will still be new shorts put out every now and then according to the lovely author so all is not gone forever!

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