Guest Post: The Agitated Agenda by Candace N. Ford


About the Book

Priscilla Richardson had her life fully planned; graduate top of her class from Georgetown Law School, snag a job at one of the most prestigious law firms in the country and become partner within five years.

She had it all figured out. There would be no interruptions and no delays. Her agenda would not be agitated… or so she thought. After working against all odds to finish law school and get hired at a high-powered law firm, what’s a beautiful and brilliant attorney to do when her plans for success are disrupted by a handsome colleague and unexpected and unexplainable spiritual messages?

Thankfully her best friend Sylvia, and Sylvia’s parents step in as her family when Priscilla must face unimaginable situations that rock her world and force her to acknowledge a faith in God that had always surrounded her but that she had not quite come to terms with yet.

The first in this contemporary new adult series will set the scene and leave readers wanting to know how Priscilla will deal with agitations to her agenda.

In the Presence of the Great

by Candace N Ford

You can ask any author and they will tell you they have high hopes when their book is
complete. They want the money, positive reviews and exposure to come rolling in.

They have dreams of their book being a top seller on Amazon, listed on the New York Times’ Best Seller’s list, heck even one of Oprah’s book of the month. However, all those these things are nice, yet they aren’t strong reasons as to why an author should write.

An author is one who can creatively wield words to teach, inspire and entertain and that is where your passion to write should come from.

You should want to write to teach, inspire and entertain. Yes, I know what you’re saying, “that’s all good and dandy, but will those things pay my bills?”

My answer would be yes! Proverbs 18:16 (NIV) says: “A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.”

As an author, your gift is writing and if you write and do it in an excellent manner, it WILL bring you in the presence of the great. Now does great denote money, not always, but it truly denotes a place that you will not achieve if you don’t allow your gift to be
experienced by others.

Authors, writers, poets, bloggers have a gift the world needs, especially in our society where people read more social media than they do books. The world needs our gift to teach the next generation as authors did before us.

The world needs our gift to inspire other authors to take the leap to write. The world needs our gift so it can laugh, cry and see life through different perspectives.

Writing is a gift, it will make room for you in the areas in which your readers reside and it will bring you to a place of great accomplishment for not everyone can be an author.

About the Author

Candace N Ford Headshot

Candace N. Ford is an avid reader, entrepreneur, author, speaker, an ordained minister and spiritual strategist, who loves to be creative and encouraging through her writings.

In 2011 while working in the accounting field Candace decided she wanted to give back to others and began writing her first book which she self-published. She soon discovered that self-publishing was a daunting task and that there were more questions than answers; although the book was published, the journey was hard, long and expensive.

She began pursuing online courses in graphic design, marketing and publishing so she could help advocate for others who desired to be published. In 2012, she founded her own publishing company, Above The Line Press, to service authors, teachers, poets, ministers and anyone who desires to entertain their audiences through the power of words.

Candace has 13 published works and is passionate about Christian Fiction. She and her husband live in McKinney, TX, with their son Nicholas and daughters, Brianna, Madison and Charis.