Another fabulous slice of British life from Garrett

Lucky-GenericLucky by Garrett Leigh

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There isn’t anyone, imho, better at writing these gritty slices of British life than Garrett Leigh.

There are trigger warnings for this one to be aware of but the narrative itself isn’t overly angsty or too dramatic

In this one, the first in a new series, we get a closeted Premiership footballer and a young guy down on his luck and hooking up on Grindr for enough cash to get off the. streets.

It’s not your usual fare though, as the hook up where Lucky meets Dom is his first time and he’s not too good at the keeping things professional lark.

Both men find something unexpected in the other which leads them to question where their lives are at.

There’s the usual trials and tribulations of dealing with the fears of being outed – and let’s not go there on how there’s been less than a handful of top-level footballers who’ve come out and one ended up taking his own life a few years later…

As a Brit, what happened to Justin Fashanu is a very vivid memory from my 20s which still saddens me two decades later.

But here all is handled in a completely believable way without over-egging the pudding. Dom’s fears are completely understandable and it’s only as he realises his life is stifling and that his manager has already spent years falsifying his publicity trail that he starts to wish things were different.

Finding Lucky acts as a catalyst for change but he has his own problems to deal with and watching the two of them muddle through attraction into friendship and then love isn’t an easy ride.

But the saying goes that nothing worth having comes easy and the fumbles and hiccups along the way only serve to strengthen feelings.

I loved this, as I’ve loved all of Garrett’s books and the sneak peek of book two has only intrigued me more!

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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