Book Blitz: Private D*ck by Kat Savano

Private D*ck | Kat Savano

Publication date: August 22nd 2018

Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

It was supposed to be fun times in Vegas with the girls.

Drinks, shows, maybe losing a little money, and okay…maybe a little action too.

I’m down for it all when I’m shocked to spot the hottest hotshot lawyer from my firm. Benjamin Barker.

In Vegas. At the same time.

As me.

My mind whirled with possibilities, none of them good.

All of them leading to trouble.

He’s not here for long. He’s got a big case – and that’s not the only thing that’s big about the man.

He’s got some investigating to do to make his case in court.

And I’ve got a crush on the man.

A crush on the man that ends with us in a suite called the Kingpin suite. This cannot be good.

But what woman would deny something that feels so very, very good?

I’ll tell you one thing.

Not me.

I may cry later. I may regret it in the morning. I may want some “kingpin” to kill the bastard tomorrow. But right now, we’re in a suite. In Vegas. Together. In private.

And I’m all in.

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