Beautiful expansion of Saint & Lucky’s love story

Something About Us CoverSomething About Us by Riley Hart

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This is a beautiful extended epilogue in effect for the romance of Saint and Lucky which Riley first gave us in Something About You when two very different people met and fell in love.

In Something About Us, Lucky and Saint have moved to LA and things are mostly going well, but all isn’t smooth sailing and this is a book about how the love story doesn’t stop once you say I love you but that it carries on and on and is a work in progress.

There’s not a lot happens in this one to be fair, other than Lucky exploring his more feminine side and Saint realising he’s not properly grieved for the loss of Alice, his grandmother. They’re still madly in love but it takes work to keep a relationship going.

It’s not overly angsty, there’s still a beautifully positive romance which runs throughout this second addition to the Saint & Lucky story and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I know Riley’s mentioned she had to write this one because neither character would be quiet, and what she’s given the reader is a lovely exploration of just how much is needed to continue beyond the expressions of love.

There’s some great secondary characters in this one and I would love to find out more about both Aaron and Damon.

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