Roe Horvat can do no wrong – this is a gorgeous romance

40699859Vanilla Clouds by Roe Horvat

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So, it’s official, Roe Horvat could write their monthly shopping list on a piece of paper and I’d be a sucker for it.

This book is as divine as the chocolate which makes up a large portion of the story narrative. It’s sweet and rich in emotions and all the flavours of love.

Michal (can’t do the proper letter character on my Kindle!) and Magnus were joyous, the story romps along at a perfect pace and its littered with humorous moments throughout.

This is definitely Roe at their most sweet but the story manages to stay on the right side of the line to never become vomit-inducing!

I loved everything about this novella, from the setting, which definitely feels like its set somewhere other than the US or UK, from the characters (two brilliant female friends in Lena and Suzanne) to the unashamedly romantic feel of it all.

The epilogue is pretty awesome too.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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