I absolutely adored Lando and Dawson’s second chance romance

40529470Play it by Ear by K.M. Neuhold

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I know there’s only two out so far but this one is absolutely my favourite one yet! It has way less of the angst than the first book but it still has enough tensions to stop it from being a one-dimensional read.

Lando has been pining for a guy he met over a heady weekend in Miami nearly a decade ago.

After the events of book one (this could be read as a standalone however as there is enough catch up as to the situation) he decides to head back to Florida and the same beachfront house he rented to see if it will help his writer’s block.

Fate, of course, lands his lost love back in his lap but there’s been a big change and Dawson is now deaf and has no memory of the weekend he spent with Lando, a horrific car accident at the end of that weekend while on his way home has robbed him of both his hearing and parts of his life.

As these two vulnerable men get to know each other all over again, the narrative is carefully woven through present and past scenes to give the reader the glimpse into the long-lost weekend which changed both their lives so dramatically.

While on the surface it may seem like Dawson is the more vulnerable of the two men, his deafness and fears he may have more memory lapses are a strong presence in the plot, Lando is actually the one who is on the edge as he’s terrified of losing the man he’s never stopped loving.

The pacing of this book is very good, it never dips or drops off but tootles along in a gently comforting fashion as Dawson begins to see himself and his missing memories through Lando’s lense of love.

I adored both these characters and, as this book is happening concurrently with the others in the series, we get to see more glimpses into what the other members of Downward Spiral are up to including back to Lincoln’s traumas in book one.

I’m seriously stoked for what’s going to happen in Jude’s story and I’m still intrigued as to where Benji’s is going to go and I loved the little drop in of tattoo artist Royal from this author’s Heathen’s Ink series 🙂

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