Geordie’s romance in all its unique glory made me a bit teary!

Leaning Into Forever (Leaning Into, #7)Leaning Into Forever by Lane Hayes

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From the moment he sashayed his way onto the page in the Leaning Into series, with his air of vulnerability and his dynamic personality and belting out showtunes, I’ve wanted Geordie’s story.

And now Lane has delivered me Geordie’s romance in all his unique glory, wrapped up in a most beautiful narrative which is so full of humour and hurt, grief and joy, passion and fear that it required two tissues to get through to the end!

I must admit, it can be daunting going into a book you’ve been waiting for, knowing that you need to find out if a beloved character is okay. But there was nothing to be worried about here because Levi is utterly perfect for Geordie.

So different from his lost love Mike, but with the same strength to recognise the hurt hiding behind the exuberant exterior Geordie presents to the world. Just as Mike wanted to take care of his younger lover, so too does Levi, although he himself is now the younger one.

He made me laugh so much as he brought Geordie out of his self-inflicted bubble of grief and loneliness with a pink Vespa and a mutual bonding over bad fonts.

It takes a while, but the steadfast assurances of the new restaurant owner, and his unwavering ability to just “be there” eventually wins the day. But not before I’d had a bit of a tear up when Geordie says his au revoir to Mike.

I have loved this series so much. Nick and Wes remain my favourite pair, but Birdie and his Levi are a very close second.

#ARC kindly provided by the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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