Daniel overcomes all and completely won my heart

LegacyDaniel400Daniel by R.J. Scott

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Right, so this book. Lordy, it’s a hard one for the heart to take because of the subject matter – sensitively handled by RJ as has the whole series, but Daniel, oh Daniel is a special case.

His was perhaps the harshest of all the betrayals when he was taken to the Five Bar Ranch but he’s fought back to get some semblance of a life.

For the most part, he’s managing as well, but things come crashing around him when he’s thrown back into his traumatic past after a young man contacts him seeking answers about the uncle who’s just died in a plane crash alongside the man’s parents.

This was a clever narrative, both men are hurting, Daniel is doing his absolute best to get control of his life but Corey’s life has just spiralled out through no doing of his own and the contrast in the pair is well done.

It’s not an easy read because it covers a truly sensitive topic (view spoiler) and, if you’ve not read Texas Fall then you will be missing some background. It’s not enough to make this book unreadable though, it can work as a standalone because all the information is there.

I’m not going to go into much more detail, but Daniel and Corey’s slow relationship development, friendship, and then more, plays out perfectly. Nothing is rushed, there are conversations and honest feelings, nothing is left unspoken and, while angsty, this is not miscommunication or drama for plot’s sake.

It’s healing and learning how to move on, again there’s no magic dick here. Daniel will never be “cured” but he can live with his new future alongside Corey.

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