Release Blitz: The Henchmen of Zenda by KJ Charles

The Henchmen of Zenda | KJ Charles


This queered Victorian pulp adventure features:

  • a swashbuckling hero. Hero-ish. Hero-adjacent. Possibly a *tad* on the villain side.
  • a professional swordsman. *Not* a swashbuckler, unless pushed.
  • a lot of unresolved sexual tension
  • some comprehensively resolved sexual tension
  • plots, schemes, shenanigans, betrayals, double crosses, treachery, impersonation, duelling, and quite a few murders
  • sarcasm by the bucketload
  • and a highly unconventional romance weaving its way through all the above

Nobody can be trusted.
Everyone has a secret.
And love is the worst mistake
you can make.


Jasper Detchard is a disgraced British officer, now selling his blade to the highest bidder. Currently that’s Michael Elphberg, half-brother to the King of Ruritania. Michael wants the throne for himself, and Jasper is one of the scoundrels he hires to help him take it. But when Michael makes his move, things don’t go entirely to plan—and the penalty for treason is death.

Rupert of Hentzau is Michael’s newest addition to his sinister band of henchmen. Charming, lethal, and intolerably handsome, Rupert is out for his own ends—which seem to include getting Jasper into bed. But Jasper needs to work out what Rupert’s really up to amid a maelstrom of plots, swordfights, scheming, impersonation, desire, betrayal, and murder.

Nobody can be trusted. Everyone has a secret. And love is the worst mistake you can make.

A retelling of the swashbuckling classic The Prisoner of Zenda from a very different point of view.

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