A stunningly perfect ending to a brilliant series from Hailey Turner

40043784In the Requiem by Hailey Turner

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


All the stars – see them, all of them and then some.

I want to give this book more than just the five stars here because it couldn’t have been a more perfect ending to this series if it tried.

Any book which gives me both a hot flush (and oh boy, the encounters in this one are especially volcanic) and can turn me into an emotionally wrecked, limp as a tea towel pathetic mess, almost sobbing while raging at the author at the same time, is more than a win in my book.

Stories, and series’ like this one, are why I read. They take me out of the everyday mundane normality into a world where it’s completely believable that a member of the British Royal Family could be a secret metahuman ex-SAS operative, where people can not only fly, but where they can phase themselves out of synch with their surroundings and be practically invulnerable.

They’re believable not only because of the incredible level of world building and scene setting which has gone into them, but because I want it to be real – minus the evul Russian bravtva and unhinged terrorist groups that is! I want there to be a team of superhumans all supporting themselves, their friends and their country.

You won’t find any plot details or spoilers in this review, In the Requiem requires complete story ignorance and even then, it’s still an adrenaline filled ride which answers all the questions I had left for Alpha Team, their families and friends.

Except for one. Hailey please tell me we’re going to get Liam Wessex’s full story at some point 🙂

#ARC kindly provided by the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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