I have a new favourite couple in the Out of Uniform series!

Tight Quarters (Out of Uniform, #6)Tight Quarters by Annabeth Albert

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sorry Ben and Maddox but I’m afraid top spot in my favourite Out of Uniform couple’s contest has just been taken over by Bacon and Spencer.

Wes and Dustin had tried but you guys had beat them off until now because this story is perfection.

It has every thing in it that has become a hallmark of this military series; accuracy, honesty, two MCs who are each brilliantly drawn and brought to life, and a romance which digs deep into what makes us human – the power of love.

As a former journalist whose spent time on military training exercises, I have to commend Annabeth for the real sense of time and place.

I might not have been roaming round an island atoll with Navy SEALs but I’ve been out in the field waiting for something to happen with an adrenaline rush which is something else.

Both Bacon’s experiences as a sniper and Spencer’s commitment to his journalistic integrity were very real and expertly portrayed. The UST between them was palpable, it bounced off the page in their every conversation.

I loved how they talked too, it was more than just physical, this was the safe harbour in a storm, the warm fire on a snowy night, each man needed to both give support and take help from the other.

As ever, the setting and the secondary characters help bring everything to life. We get to catch up with Wizard and Isaiah, get a passing glimpse of Maddox, and see Wes and Dustin living their HEA in Washington DC.

Perhaps the thing which stuck with me the most in the whole book though – and I admit it’s personal because of my former career – are the words Spencer’s former editor and mentor Oscar leaves behind in his memoirs.

I won’t reveal them, they bring a particular poignancy to the narrative at the point where they arrive which I don’t want to spoil, but it served to reinforce for me the decision I made to leave the career after nearly 20 years was the right one.

Everything about this book just comes together at the right time and with the right words to make it a truly special read.

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