Guns n’ Boys Series Blog Tour by K.A. Merikan – special guest flashfic

Guns n’ Boys Series Blog Tour by K.A. Merikan

I am so pleased to be hosting K.A. Merikan as part of their Blog Tour promoting the wonderful Guns n’ Boys series and make sure you read down to find out about the exciting Giveaways being offered by the authors.

Guns n’ Boys is a twisted, dark erotic romance mixed with a crime thriller. It’s a long, turbulent journey of one couple deeply entrenched in the dealings of their mafia family.

Behind the morbid humor and extreme violence hides the intense love affair of Domenico Acerbi, the mafia’s best hitman, and Seth Villani, the Don’s son.

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Book #1 He Is Poison | Book #2 He Is Mine

Book #3 Homicidal Instinct | Book #4 Swamp Blood

Book #5 ChokeholdBook #6 Bloodbath

Book #7 Gilded Agony

Flash Fic

Seth sat on the sofa next to Domenico, slowly falling asleep with his face buried in Dom’s long, fragrant hair.

“What’s this popcorn?” Mark asked from the armchair in front of the TV, crunching loudly.

“Cinnamon and toffee,” Dom said, petting Seth’s arm in a languid motion.

“I thought you didn’t like popcorn.” Seth yawned and cuddled up closer.

“I don’t, but if he’s gonna eat it, he might at least have a good quality product.”

Domenico’s chest sank so rapidly Seth’s head slipped to Dom’s arm, and he looked up, somewhat confused, but the hand gently petting his neck took him right back to bliss. He loved listening to Domenico’s voice. It was as smooth as his appearance.

Mark chuckled. “Quality product,” he mocked.

“You find this funny?” Dom asked.

“It’s true,” Seth purred, scratching Dom’s stomach. “Only quality for Domenico Acerbi.”

Mark shrugged, stuffing his face with more popcorn. “Take cheese for example. It’s cheese. Doesn’t really get much better than that.”

A low growl left Domenico’s chest. “Oh, please. I saw you eat that liquid pseudo-cheese that comes in a can. Just wait until we take you back home and you try real food.”

“Even the air is better quality.” Seth sighed at the memory and kissed Dom’s knuckles. When he looked up, Domenico’s amber gaze was bathing him in attention.

“And the men. I only take the best of what the world offers me.”

Mark groaned and Seth wanted to reprimand him for chewing so loudly. “I’m guessing that’s Seth then. The best. In the world.” Mark snorted.

“Oh, shut it,” Seth threw a shoe at Mark but missed.

Domenico nuzzled Seth’s nose with a proud smile. “Precisely. Ripened in the Sicilian sun, fed nutritious food until he grew tall and muscular. He’d been waiting for me to pluck him.”

Seth raised his eyebrows, unsure if he should feel complimented or offended.

“So I have to go to Sicily to get a quality man like him?” Mark asked, but Seth heard the mockery in his tone.

Dom kissed Seth’s temple. “There’s only one of him, and he’s taken.”

Mark groaned. “Cheese is cheese, and a dick’s a dick.”

Giveaway Information

Comment on the post to win, one person from each stop in the blog tour will win their choice of a backlist ebook from K.A. Merikan. 
Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway for your chance to win the Grand Tour Prize. (You can enter this one daily for more chances to win!) 
To begin your journey with Seth and Domenico you should start here, with Book One: He Is Poison.
— Love like butterfly knives in the stomach. —


Domenico Acerbi. The Villani Family’s best assassin. Ruthless. Vicious. With no patience for weakness.

Seth Villani. The Don’s son. Clueless. Stubborn. In dire need of someone to keep him in line.

Domenico Acerbi grew up ready to give his life for the Family. Ready to follow orders and exceed expectations. A proud man of honor.

The last thing he wants to deal with is training the Don’s son for his future role within the organization. Lazy, annoying, spoiled, and as hot as a Sicilian summer, Seth Villani is no mafia material. But a man who could never become a threat might just be what Domenico needs.

Seth Villani wants nothing to do with the mafia. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get a say when he’s pulled back into the fold. Thrown into a den of serpents otherwise known as the Villani Family, Seth has to find a way to navigate the maze of lies. But when Domenico Acerbi, the most vicious snake of them all, sinks his fangs into Seth, letting go becomes impossible.

If Seth is doomed to follow in his father’s footsteps, he might as well enjoy himself with the most intoxicating man he’s ever met. Maybe he can even fool himself into believing that Domenico isn’t a handsome sociopath who kills for a living.


Themes: Enemies to lovers, mafia, homophobia, assassin, organized crime, forced proximity

Genre: Dark, twisted M/M romance / crime thriller

Length: ~110,000 words

WARNING: Adult content. Sizzling hot scenes. If you are easily offended, this book is not for you.
‘Guns n’ Boys’ is a gritty story of extreme violence, offensive language, abuse, and morally ambiguous protagonists. Behind the morbid facade, there is a splash of inappropriate dark humor, and a love story that will crawl under your skin.

K.A. Merikan are a team of writers who try not to suck at adulting, with some success. Always eager to explore the murky waters of the weird and wonderful, K.A. Merikan don’t follow fixed formulas and want each of their books to be a surprise for those who choose to hop on for the ride.

K.A. Merikan have a few sweeter M/M romances as well, but they specialize in the dark, dirty, and dangerous side of M/M, full of bikers, bad boys, mafiosi, and scorching hot romance.




  • Congrats and thanks for the post. This series is great, but no surprise coming from y’all. – Purple Reader,
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  • Thank you so much for these giveaways and, more importantly, for sharing your books with all of us!

    Also, I love Mark, even if I disagree with him that cheese is just cheese.

  • LOL! Don’t worry, Mark. You’ll meet your love interest very soon. And by that time, you’ll understand how all-consuming love can be. 😉

  • Angela @ Books of a Shy Girl

    I love these family moments, they’re so in love with each other! *happily sighs*