Nora Phoenix’s latest romance kept me up until 3.30am

Alpha's Sacrifice Cover - FinalSo, I thought: “I know, I’ll just read a couple of chapters of this new ARC before I go to sleep because it’s only just midnight and I’m not super tired yet”.

3.30am later, I’ve finished the damn book and I’m raging (but not in a bad way) at the cliffhanger because I NEED the rest of these guys’ romance like yesterday.

This is book one in Nora’s new series – Irresistible Omegas – and let me tell you, I couldn’t resist it at all.

Lidon, the powerful alpha-cop.
Enar, the alpha-doctor who dedicates his life to serving omegas who need his help.
Palani, the sassy beta reporter who will do anything to save his omega lover, even if it means watching another man claim him.
Vieno, the omega who suffers from a medical condition that requires an alpha’s help.

Each character is beautiful crafted and rounded out, complex and fascinating and their dynamics both in pairs and as a four are complicated and I couldn’t put the book down because I needed to know what was going to happen next!

There’s also  lots of quietly political stuff in this alternative paranormal world, where omegas aren’t just second class, they’re dumped way down the pecking order and betas don’t fare much better.

Also driving the plot narrative is a potentially dangerous police and journalistic investigation which both Lidon and Palani are involved in on the quiet and which could have huge repercussions for the whole Alpha/beta/omega society as a whole.

Book Two is out hopefully in May so all I can say is “hurry up Nora!”

#ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.