Superbly researched, brutal and complex romance

Between GhostsBetween Ghosts by Garrett Leigh

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is a brutal depiction of the frustrations and realities of war – in this case the 2003 and onwards invasion of Iraq as part of the so called War of Terror.

A mindless conflict which achieved nothing but cost so many British, and other countries, lives both military and civilian, Garrett Leigh places her two MCs firmly in the centre of Special Forces operations three years later in 2006, as SAS patrol CO Nat and journalist Connor meet in the heat of the desert.

This book is a masterpiece of tension, the romance is an important part, but much more than that is the friendship and camaraderie between the men Connor gets embedded in with to report from the front lines.

I think, unless you’ve had military family members and friends, it’s difficult to get your head round just how close soldiers get when their lives are literally in someone else’s hands. This book gets it perfectly.

My heart broke more the longer the story went on, those coffins being sent back home through Royal Wootton Bassett were a familiar sight and once included a lad from my home town and another time, a colleague of my cousin’s husband, so the pain was real each time this story drove home the true and personal cost of war.

The romance between Nat and Connor was powerful. (view spoiler)

The hastily snatched times together were visibly changing both men emotionally and it was hard to read the longer the story went on and the more the shit hit the fan.

I did guess the big reveal fairly early on but it still came as a huge surprise when the why of it all came out.

This is a romance but it’s not your traditional one and I loved every thing about it.

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