Loved this angsty installment in the Hearts & Health series

IMG_4833Surprise Delivery by D.J. Jamison

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Full review to come tomorrow as my Kindle’s about to die 😉

Oooh this one was angsty! Or rather, this one was more angsty than previous ones have been but it was also exceptionally good and I loved pretty much all of it while also raging at Eric’s horrible family at the same time!

I felt so bad for Casper but I also wanted to shake him at times because he’d just fixed in his head that anything more deep than sex would be betraying his lost love Kage. I liked that Kage wasn’t an overwhelming presence overall in the narrative though. When he was mentioned, it completely fit into the direction the story was going.

Eric was awesome though. Not quite the uptight Hospital Administrator he’d appeared in the series’ earlier books but actually quite willing to let go when given a reason to do so and desperately wanting to do the right thing for his niece and the hospital’s budget.

I liked the angsting but I was glad it didn’t go into unreasonable territory and that Casper realised he’d screwed up (even though it didn’t happen until the end of the book, it was warranted) and did all he could to rectify his mistakes.

It’s also seriously hot!

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