Cover Reveal: Reclaim by Christina Lee


Reclaim by Christina Lee

Series: Under My Skin #3 

Cover artist: KANAXA

Release Date: TBA 


Ever since high school, Elijah and Kamnan have always had each other’s backs. So when Kam suffers a freak accident and is laid up for a few weeks, it’s only natural that Elijah steps in to help him through his recuperation.

But the occasional meet-up to throw back a few drinks is different from being cooped up together in Kam’s condo day in and day out. In fact, the more time they spend together, the more Elijah sees Kam in a totally different light — one that surprises and scares him. After a tender moment turns into a passionate exchange, Kam chalks it up to the building tension of the routine they’ve fallen into.

As Kam regains his independence, the real world begins to encroach on the sanctuary they’ve built for themselves. Everything is different now, more intimate, and time apart feels empty.

But Elijah’s still getting over a bad breakup, and Kam has his own plate full of responsibilities — like his Spin Cycle business and joint custody of his five-year-old daughter.

A relationship is the last thing either of them is prepared for; will trying anyway end in heartbreak, or will resisting be the wedge that tears their friendship apart?

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