X-Clacks-Overhead:GNU Terry Pratchett


Three years since DEATH came on Binky to take Pterry on his final journey.

If you’ve never read any of Sir Terry Pratchett’s work, can I suggest you rectify that immediately. My favourites are Carpe Jugulum and Maskerade but you could pick up any of his more than 70 works – of which the Discworld made up just 41 of those.

The Tiffany Aching series are perfect for older teenagers, while his Bromeliad Trilogy, featuring tiny people who live in the carpets of peoples’ houses (not as creepy as it might sound!) is a great jumping point for  younger readers.

And – given the impending Amazon Prime/BBC production of Good Omens which is due out next year – this collaboration with Neil Gaiman on an alternative “apocalypse” is, without shadow of a doubt, one of my most often re-read and recommended books.