In which Fletcher finds his perfect match

38477300Fox and Birch by Sam Burns

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I bloody love this series but if you asked me to identify quite why I do, it would be difficult to immediately pinpoint the reason.

I love the quirky nature of the stories, the paranormal aspects of life in Rowan Harbor are just treated as everyday things, no one bats an eye when one of the Deputy Sheriffs shifts into a Fox and runs off, or when they’re talking to a dryad in the woods.

There’s a gentleness to the narrative, even when things turn occasionally violent, that brings a whimsical feeling to the story that I’ve mentioned before and the writing is just beautiful.

In this, the last of the ‘intro’ books in this series of nine (a trilogy of interconnected trilogies), we get Fletcher’s story and his meet cute with Conner, who’s come to town with a couple of unsavoury characters tracking the vampire Sol, who was the main antagonist in book two.

There’s instant attraction but given the nature of all that is going on, Fletcher is too reticent and worried about his own fate to notice how much Conner likes him, but also how out of place he is with the other two men he’s travelling with.

The plot travels along at a good clip, there’s no unnecessary detours to distract from the main story and the action is perfectly paced to drive towards the big end of book epic confrontation.

I can’t wait for book four, when we go back to Devon and Wade and also find out a bit more about the over-arching storyline which is anchoring all the books together.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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