Perfect tension to drive the narrative in this second chance love story

7cbbc-winter_cowboy_4002b252812529Winter Cowboy by R.J. Scott

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Right, so my ACTUAL review went a little bit like this šŸ™‚

I should know better by now not to start reading an RJ novel after 10pm at night because I will invariably be finishing it at around 2am in the morning having not being able to force myself to put it down and go to sleep.

So it was with this one. This gloriously plotted and paced narrative which had every single emotional tug on my heart that I expected to get. Never over-dramatic, RJ has such a knack for providing just enough tension and past trauma to make you have to keep reading to make sure the couple reaches their Happy Ever After.

With this one, it took a lot of wonderful writing because, for almost half the book, I wanted to simultaneously thump Daniel while totally empathising and sympathising with him and everything he was going through.

Micah though, oh Micah stole my heart pretty much from the off. One mistake, an error in judgement as a 19-year-old and his life, and that of so many others, was irrevocably changed. The heartache and pain here was profound, it weighed heavy on every interaction he had.

The circumstances which force him back home are horrifying (and even more scary because they happen in real life too) (view spoiler) and the additional pressure this brings to him had me raging and tearing up at the same time.

When he and Daniel bump into each other at Isaac’s grave all Hell is let loose, all the emotional fallout which has never been dealt with in the almost decade Micah’s been away comes flooding out and I loved how there wasn’t any instant reconnection between the two.

There is a gradual reawakening that their love never died, in spite of the circumstances, and a beautiful slow burn as they begin to deal with the after effects of that fateful December day.

I adored the setting, the background characters, Daniel’s family, the community of people surrounding Whisper Ridge and I have so many questions now RJ about who’s story is next!

Will we get Neil? What about Henry Jr, there’s something there, and Devin and how about Connor the PI and the missing Max?! I NEED to know…


#ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review (I provided the fangirling all on my own)

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