Another “marvelous” addition to the Sassy Boyz line-up

Mad & Marvelous (Sassy Boyz, #4)Mad & Marvelous by Elizabeth Varlet

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I don’t know how Elizabeth Varlet does it with this series but, in Mad & Marvellous she has, once again, brought a new approach to one of her Sassy Boyz.

Hopkins, aka Hop, is one of the new boys, brought in after the disastrous ending to the boys’ time at Vibe and he is a mess. Not deliberately though, as he tries his absolute hardest to keep his life together but it’s not easy.

He craves something but isn’t sure what and it’s not until he once again bumps into a man he considers to be his enemy, the one who replaced him in his father’s life and took the role that was denied to him as a forgotten bastard that he begins to understand.

Rafe’s also drowning but he knows the cause, he’s desperate to get out of a deal which he regrets and Hop’s Sassy Boyz dance troupe might just be his ticket – if it wasn’t for the feelings that the younger man evokes.

These two together, when they just allowed themselves to feel and did away with all the history and the bull, were powerful. There is so much hurt and emotions that these two just can’t communicate to each other, but when each lets go of the resentment, it was beautiful and so well done.
Never, at any point, did I feel this wasn’t a true and believable relationship with all its complications.

The rest of the Boyz are their amazing and awesome selves and we get to see that the three previous couples are still happily together, which was great.

So now, we’re just left with Jae and, if she goes back, to Lirim, who is still in rehab in this one, where the boyz continue to visit. I do hope Elizabeth finishes off this series with another two books as I’ve loved every one of these boundary pushing brilliant men.

I can’t wait to see what the cover for this one is like! I’m going for a teal or pink theme!

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