This re-written romance is an okay read but nothing out of the ordinary

Closets Are for ClothesClosets Are for Clothes by Addison Albright

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Full review when I’m at the laptop later.

ETA: Right here we go! I mostly enjoyed this. The book is, apparently, a completely rewritten version of an earlier Addison Albright book A Dream Come True which I’ve never read. This version is single first person PoV (Mike’s) and I do think you get a decent sense of Wes, the other MC.

However, this book is all surface. By that, I mean there’s very little tensions, the drama is all self created inside Mike’s own head, the little elements of conflict which could be developed further are resolved without any quibbles and it all just felt a bit flat for me.

I liked both the main characters, Mike’s fairly paranoid about coming out to his family back home, Wes is a bit of a cypher of an “out and proud” gay man but he’s sweet and supportive and there’s a nice set of secondary characters.

I didn’t really get a sense of “place” from this. It’s set in Austin but it could have been any big city really but I think the author got the “small town” element of Mike’s original home right.

Overall it was an okay read but nothing out of the ordinary. I’d have liked a bit more depth in the narrative but it’s difficult to do that in a relatively short story so I think what we get here isn’t bad.

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