Simply beautiful romance from Riley Hart

Color Me In (Last Chance #2)Color Me In by Riley Hart

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This book is simply beautiful: Beautiful language, beautiful romance and straight up beautifully crafted.

Set in Riley’s Last Chance, this is a town where people go back to their pasts and find strength in the unexpected. In this instance, Caleb finds love without any judgement in an all night diner and Ryan finds out he’s not broken, only that he needs to have his emotions and his heart involved before he feels desire.

I loved, loved, loved how Riley created Ryan’s demi-sexuality to be an element of the romance but not the whole focus. The friendship between Caleb and him drove the narrative forward, an exploration of how two people could be so in tune with each other without having jumped into bed first.

I could have highlighted pretty much all of the book but Ryan’s shock at discovering there was a name for what he felt was a failing, and then the gradual awakening of his sexual desire for Caleb was so gorgeously written.

When he tells Caleb his world had been black and white until his love coloured him in, my heart exploded. There’s a wee bit of angst but never thrown in for the plot, and there’s an ex-wife who is a pretty special lady and not the typical “bitch from Hell” and I loved how her presence became just part of their life and not a dramady.

There is drama, but again it’s never forced, and the resolution and ending felt honestly reached and believable.

We also get to catch up with Shane and Van from Depth of Field and they’re both still deliriously happy. Riley’s also gifted the reader a truly wonderful extra snippet after the epilogue featuring these two which made me smile a lot.

Another beautiful cover adds to the all round awesomeness of this book.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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