Another lovely addition to this series

Skater Boy (Hot Off the Ice, #4)Skater Boy by A.E. Wasp

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


This is my favourite one yet in Amy’s Hot Off the Ice series. Sergei has been around the Thunder since the beginning of the series and the big Russian goalie has always intrigued me.

Now we get his long time in the coming love story with Alex, the former Olympic ice skater who’s been his best friend since they were 16.

I know I’ve mentioned previously about odd little niggling typos or editing mistakes, and my friend Dani commented on some in this one, but I have to say this time I only spotted a couple where someone had missed a capital letter on a name and a stray comma or two.

I’m mentioning it because, when the narratives are always very well designed and the characters and romance believable, it’s great to not be distracted from that with an ebook that still has some mistakes.

I loved Sergei, he has a heart as big as Russia. Alex I took a while to warm to but I could completely understand why he was like he was. It must be soul destroying to live your life having to be validated by a judge’s score on your professional efforts.

Once I did get into he head though, I wanted to hug him and make him open his eyes to how Sergei saw him. Thankfully he did get there and there’s an awesome cast of supporting characters, include a bunch of brilliant women, to help him find his own worth.

The romantic big gesture from Alex once he realises where he is in Sergei’s heart was suitably awesome as was the epilogue and I loved it.

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