Publicity Blitz: Broken In Silence by Katze Snow

Broken In Silence 1

Second Edition Edited by R. (Raissa) Phoenix (May 2017)

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Tannerian Wulfric is a leader—a strong alpha who bows to no-one, especially those who try to undermine his authority.

When an opportunity arises, he grabs it with both hands and lets nothing get in his way. Trouble is, his brother has been caught in the crossfire of glorious retribution, and Tanner is in need of assistance.

For many years, Alex Jonas has lived his life in peace. But when fate lands him in the hands of his ex-lover and alpha, he finds himself in the centre of a feud he never knew existed, and must immerse himself in ways he had never imagined. One chance encounter, one night, and everything comes crashing down around him. Alex must fight for his life while Tanner fights for one thing and one thing only—vengeance, which has never tasted sweeter.

Can Tanner avenge his family’s death without spilling more blood? Or will his inner demon tear apart everything he has worked for, and lose the man who owns his heart?


“You want me to fill your ass up with my seed? Then beg me.”
Tanner placed his hand on Alex’s chest and pinned him still, his hardened cock pressing against Alex’s slick hole.
“Yes, oh, God, I want it! Do it already. Please, please fuck me. Please. You asshole!”
“Manners, Alex,” Tanner chided, sliding the tip of his cock into him.
Alex’s ass pulsated against his flesh, ready for him, but Tanner pulled out again, then back in, then out, only half an inch at the most each time.
Alex groaned out. “Sir,” he moaned. “Fuck me, Sir! Fill my ass with your spunk and tell me how good it feels.”

Tanner could hardly contain himself then. He’d been wanting to tear Alex’s ass apart for over a decade. As much as his wolf revelled in Alex tamed underneath him, they didn’t stay like that for long. Tanner plunged his cock into the fire mage, and Alex hissed, pushing against the alpha.

“It does feel good, boy. Always feels good when my dick rams inside your tight little ass.”
“Mmmm, it does…so good…hard…er… Harder, Sir!”
Tanner thrust deeper, one hand pinning Alex to the bed and the other holding his hands against the headboard. The wood knocked against the soundproof walls with each of his hard thrusts, Alex’s aching dick pressed between them.

He would deal with that later. For now, he fucked Alex until his body tensed, and his seed was milked from his dick and poured into the boy’s clenching ass. Tanner stayed like that for a moment, locking their bodies together.

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Author Bio

Katze Snow never learned when to shut up. Food and coffee are what encourage Katze to function in a semi-normal, sort of socially acceptable way. Doses of sarcasm and sass are what she lives for, and her wolf, Kiba, who is Katze’s little furbaby. She’s been writing since she was a child, but finally published her debut novel, Alpha’s Bane, in Autumn 2016.

While Katze also writes MF, MM is where her heart truly lies. Her writing is dark, gritty, and takes satire to a whole new level. Come and join her! But be warned: Katze likes her men dark, twisted and all kinds of messed up, and she hopes you do too.

When Katze’s not writing, she’s working for a top secret, underground organisation, or taming wolves.

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