Absolutely loved this second instalment in the Nira Chronicles

Zercy (The Nira Chronicles, #2)Zercy by Kora Knight

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So book one would have had more stars if it hadn’t been for the cliff hanger, this one has a sort of cliff hanger but I honestly don’t care because the rest of it was brilliant.

I love me a good sci-fi story and Kora Knight is excellent at the world building needed to make a narrative work when it involves humans and seven foot tall horned aliens!

There’s some ridiculously hot and downright dirty sex in this one too, the bed scene with the living plants in particular was wonderfully kinky, but there’s also a truly beautiful love story at the heart of this book.

Alec and Zercy were an incredible pair, finding common ground in spite of their differences in not only species but also in their station. I loved the slow building of their friendship outside of the insane sexual chemistry.

There’s the same load of action and humorous asides in this as the first one and the book is very “visual”, I would love to see this on the screen but it’d no doubt be too erotic for mainstream audiences!

Now I want to know what’s going to happen next, who plotted to kill the Krie, will Gesh and Noah sort things out, did Bailey end up with his merman and is Chet not quite as adverse to Roni as he claims to be 🙂

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