What a headrush this book is!

In the Blood (Metahuman Files, #4)In the Blood by Hailey Turner

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I didn’t know what to do with myself when I was reading this book.

One minute I wanted to put it down because I couldn’t bear to read anymore of what was going on, the next I was devouring it as quickly as I could to make sure that everyone was alright.

The pacing is exceptional, the plotting takes you right into the heart of the story like you’re watching a newsreel and the action is unfolding around you.
It has your pulse racing and my heart was in my throat for the vast majority of this book.

It’s difficult to go too much into it without giving things away but for two of Team Alpha there are huge unforseen repercussions from actions taken years ago and for another, the knowledge that the time is never right for making life altering decisions.

Hailey said there’d be swearing reading this book, I just wasn’t sure quite how right she’d be but my Kindle was in danger a couple of times from my extreme reactions!

This is another brilliant addition to this series and I can’t wait for more.

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