Loved the ending of this one

Safe and Sound (Twist of Fate, #2)Safe and Sound by Lucy Lennox

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well at about the 80% mark I was rolling my eyes a lot at the incredible dramatics but the ending with Ash’s fund raiser and the meeting with his donor’s father just made everything all right in my world again.

This is a dramatic book, as I’d expect with the focus of its very specific trigger warning, but it also felt a little overly dramatic at times. And I was massively pissed off at the lack of repercussions for Ash’s obnoxious ex.

Realistic perhaps but I’d have liked to have seen some tanking of his career after the big expose, especially as it wasn’t even because of the abuse that his threats to Ash ended.

But there was lots of good bits in this one too. Aiden was basically a completely different person than he was in book one, so that was one hell of a redemption as he was a bit of an ass in that one.

I really loved the relationship between Ash and Aiden though, it truly was supportive on both sides even though on paper Aiden had the stronger and safer position.

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