Beautiful ending to this glorious love story

True (Temptation, #6)True by Ella Frank

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You know, when you finish the final book in a series and all you want is to go back and read the first one just so you can see where that glorious love story started, that you’ve found something special.

And so it is with this one, the final chapter (at least that we know about) in the epic tale of two men who – on the face of it – should never have worked.

But Logan’s a stubborn man and Tate’s capable of opening himself up to possibilities and so, with them together, we’ve been given a glimpse into the powerful force that is love when it’s returned a thousandfold.

Ella Frank took a gamble going back to Logan and Tate, having left them with a very strong happy ending after the first three books. Readers could envisage their future together in a life of ups and downs, hot sex but always family and love.

But what she gave readers was something more, a final peek into their lives four years down the line, an absolute happy ever after and possibly the biggest extended epilogue written in three parts for one of the most popular couples in this genre.

There is no actual epilogue in this one, but I can see them both in my mind’s eye, fighting and loving and pottering around together to the end of their days, happy knowing they’ve found their perfect other half and secure in that endless wave of emotions.

Bravo Ella, Logan and Tate do exist, not just for you, but for anyone who picks up these six books and lets their own heart be captured by these two men, even for a little while.

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