Another great addition to this series

Shattered (The Protectors, #11)Shattered by Sloane Kennedy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book could have been a train wreck given the sensitivity of the subject and the age of one of the main characters but Sloane Kennedy answered all fears with an assured hand.

There was no magic dick cure for Caleb, it took time and patience and conversation and a creation of trust with Jase for the relationship to develop.

I’m not sure it needed the secondary dramatic plot with Jase’s sister if I’m being brutally honest, there was enough drama with Caleb’s situation.
But I guess it was needed to bring Dalton and Silver into the fold for their book later and I’m fascinated to find out more.

I also liked the realistic approach to Caleb’s cutting, the sensitive way it was dealt with and the acknowledgement that he wasn’t “cured” and that counselling would be a good idea.

There was also a satisfying end to the bad guy and the plot surrounding Caleb’s father and it was nice to see the discussions with Caleb and Eli.

Jase was perfect for Caleb and their slow build up of trust as they began to act on them meant the sex scenes were doubly invested with meaning and lots of emotions.

Another great Protectors book and another wonderful cover from Jay Aheer and Wander’s photography.

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