Through the Tunnel is an interesting mix of paranormal and alternate reality


Author Daniel Mitton

Daniel Mitton’s latest release is an interesting mix featuring as it does an alternative reality story mixed into a paranormal and magic.

I’m not 100% sure it worked properly, this book really does need you to suspend belief as the plot and the pace rattle along like a speeding train out of control and heading for a broken bridge.

But, there’s also some nice world building, the pseudo mid-western USA vibe of the 1800s wagon trail feel worked well to evoke an alternative reality where both shifters and magic is real.

I liked both the main characters, who for a change weren’t buff young dudes in their early 20s but instead were hairy bears in their late 40s and just turned 50, something you don’t get very often in the genre outside of “kink” books in my reading experience.

They do say authors should write what they want to read and I have to say, a  lot of the time this felt like a wish fulfillment with Adam, the transplanted guy who arrives in this new mysterious world, ending up not only a rare shifter type but also the most powerful mage there had ever been.

But, it so happens that the wish fulfillment is also an enjoyable read in its own right and I found Part Three – once they were gearing up to attack the bad guy – to be the best paced and the ending was satisfying.

#ARC received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.