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CoverDesperately Seeking Santa by Eli Easton

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There’s some things which you can rely on and one of those is that if Eli Easton releases a Christmas novella it will be an utter delight.

This one is wonderful as it heads back into Easton’s Superhero territory with a romance for Jordy and Owen’s two friends Gabe and Mack. Mack is the mountain of a wrestler on the Badgers team with Owen, Gabe is a journalism student.

Their initial meetings are a contrast in humorous dialogue and sparks of distrust as Gabe tries to find an angle to work over his festive story of a local charity dinner.

The big secret of just who is under the Santa suit is telegraphed but it doesn’t actually matter. Far more important is watching Gabe realise that a good journalist knows when to dial back and find another angle, if the one they’re following isn’t going anywhere, just as much as they need to ferret out painful truths. (A lesson I also painstakingly learnt over my 20 year journalism career!)

Mack’s background being revealed serves no one’s public interest and would only be hurtful to his family rather than benefiting the charity Gabe’s supposed to be helping, but the alternative ending to his report is a lovely solution.

The setting is great and there’s a lot packed into this novella. The epilogue is super sweet and if you’ve never read either Superhero or any of Eli’s other holiday reads, you should go rectify that immediately.

#ARC received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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