I need more of this ‘not a romance’ pairing

ShiverShiver by Ella Frank

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Firstly can I just say OMG this takes possession to a whole new level and second to that – where’s book two?!

If there is to be no book two then this is the ultimate in edging and Ella and Brooke have scaled the heights of how to write a ‘not a romance’ and then some.

This book is all ends screwed and twisted and brilliantly so. Wolfe is an addiction that takes Jesse into a world he really has no place in going and my apprehension levels were on full alert throughout.

It works so well because you, as the reader, are given a tiny bit more insight, but still not the full picture, and are then drawn through the narrative alongside our clueless hero.

There is an element of convenient plot bunny but it works as a unforeseeable happenstance within the wider story arc, and didn’t feel too obvious, and I can’t think of many other ways it could have been done without it feeling clumsy.

There’s some powerful erotic sex in here, some hugely manipulative behaviour, some elements of the BDSM canon which work in Wolfe/Tor’s favour as he pursues his little lamb, and ultimately there’s heartbreak, betrayal and obsession as the narrative comes to a surprising end.

I still can’t make my mind up how much ‘not a romance’ this book actually is because it contains a lot of love – of the dark and twisted kind – and I loved it!

But I will agree with other reviewers that it’s not a particularly dark book in terms of what happens to Jesse and there are far far darker ones out there if that’s your thing.

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