I totally fell in love with this pair

First Season (Harrisburg Railers, #2)First Season by R.J. Scott

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Adler and his lack of filter and ability to blurt out the first thing that comes into his head totally stole the show in this second offering from RJ Scott and VL Locey.

He truly was a wonderful character and perfectly suited to be the one who managed to break through Layton’s much needed walls. Layton himself, oh how I wanted to hug him, polished and professional on the outside but still suffering from a truly horrific incident in his past.

Together they created a sweet and tender romance which was firmly rooted in emotions as much as it was in getting off. They never progress past frotting and mutual blow jobs and I have to say, I’m glad. Given Layton’s past, it would have been a serious case of magic dick and something wholly out of keeping with the narrative.

I do believe they’d eventually get there though, Adler has an innate ability to work through Layton’ fears, demonstrating kindness and love.

There’s a wee glimpse into Ten and Mads’ coming out from the other side and plot bunnies firmly out in place for book three.

Plus we still get on page hockey talk, great in a sports book to actually read some game play, and the cover is fabulous.

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