Jacobs wraps up the Regent’s Pack stories perfectly with Alec and Mark’s romance

Bitten by Desire (Regent's Park Pack, #3)Bitten by Desire by Annabelle Jacobs

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I love Annabelle Jacobs’ shifters but this one is most definitely my favourite in the Regent’s Pack series.

Finally we get Alec’s story and what a headrush it is as he fights against falling for someone so inappropriate it’s actually dangerous. Mark is a delight, able to break through the icy cold exterior Alec has surrounded himself with since the devastating night 10 years earlier when his unit was wiped out.

As Beta for the Regent’s Pack he’s earned respect but he’s closed off until the irrepressible young shifter from the Primrose Hill Pack offers him a chance at something more.

The tensions in this one are ramped up high as the devious P-pack alpha continues to plot against Alec’s alpha Cam and things come to a head in a truly unexpected fashion.

Without revealing too much, the epilogue is super sweet and, while it wraps up this present story arc, I hope it isn’t the last visit to London’s shifter packs as I really want to see Cam get a happy ending, hopefully with Gareth! And I want Jason, Harry and Will to get theirs too (not necessarily with each other though!)

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