Tensions are kept right until the end – but what a payoff!

Leaning Into Touch (Leaning Into Stories, #3)Leaning Into Touch by Lane Hayes

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Blooming heck Lane kept the tension going with this one right to the (I was worrying it would be bitter) end before she pulled out a finale of epic groveling and a truly beautiful epilogue.

Finn was a hard character for me to get my head around, on the surface he was all Irish and charm and sexy swagger, but he kept hurting Josh, never deliberately mind, and it was easy to see that he was running so scared.

But Josh is such an open and cheery and optimistic person that every time Finn crushed his heart, albeit at Josh’s own doing for leaving himself vulnerable, I struggled for a short while to get back in Finn’s corner.

Eventually though, with the innate talent she has for unravelling all the threads and sewing up all the missing pieces, Lane lets Josh see that the saying is true – if you love something, you have to let it go.

And he does, or rather he lets Finn run away again and doesn’t fight against the tide. But this time Finn’s realised the long held onto guilt for mistakes he made as a young man no longer have to weigh him down.

The final (and perfectly gorgeous), reunion, which happens at almost 95% in this book (!!), is an exercise in how to let one man know he is really the centre of your world and you can’t live without him, even though it would be less scary to do so.

Finn and Josh’s relationship doesn’t fit into a trope easily, there’s elements of friends to lovers, there’s a smidgen of angry sex (and oh boy is their sex good!), there’s an element of second chances, a bit of bad boy and slightly naive lover about it all, but at its heart it’s about taking chances.

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