Second half redemption for Rico and this romance

All or Nothing  (The Together series Book 3)All or Nothing by Felice Stevens

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


When I first started reading this I was thinking I’d be ending up in the Box of Shame because I really wasn’t feeling the love. Rico was an arse and I loved Adam and was getting all irritated about how he was being treated.

This went on for some time but then, around the halfway mark, things started to change and Rico slowly started to worm his way into my affections. He was still being an arse but his rationale for being so started to become more sympathetic.

Fortunately, it also happened around the same time Adam decided enough was enough and if Rico was going to keep pushing him away, then maybe he should fight harder to get past those barriers because he was sure the Cuban chef was “the one” for him.

Sex was, as expected, incredibly hot, the beginning few scenes between Rico and Adam are scorching, fast, explosive, full of desperation and lust. But then the feelings start to change, even though Rico fights it, and emotions take over, instead of sex they make love.

Felice Stevens has an incredible way of setting you firmly into a location with her stories and this one is no different. I could sense the vibe of New York’s neighbourhoods, hear the sounds of the people rushing by, smell the food coming from Rico and Gideon’s store and feel the excitement of the crew at the firehouse.

I think what stopped this being a 5* for me was the speed with which Rico’s conflict with his father was resolved and the quickness with which he switched around in his feelings for Adam and coming out.

Gorgeous cover from Reese Dante and (photographer) Golden Czermak of FuriousFotog works well to represent the story inside.

#ARC received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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