Brilliant paranormal from Jay Northcote examines a sense of self and place

The Half WolfThe Half Wolf by Jay Northcote

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When Jay said he was thinking of writing a shifter story I was enthusiastically cheering him on and this book is proof positive that he can turn his hand to the paranormal side of MM romance as well as he does young and new adult.

It’s inherently British too, set in the Welsh valleys where it’s entirely too easy to believe there really are shifters living among the tiny little farming communities.

It also very much shines a light on another typically British tradition – that of travelling people who follow the routes their families have driven for generations around the country.

By that I don’t mean the New Age Travellers, as they came to be known, but the genuine Romani families whose lives have changed little only to exchange a horse and vardo for a pickup and a caravan.

There’s also an element of self-discovery, as Quinn begins to feel something’s up after meeting Kellan and and having an instant attraction to the shifter.

I also loved that this didn’t feel in the slightest bit paranormal outside of the turning into a wolf bit that is! Now by that I mean there wasn’t an emphasis on the supernatural fact that these people could turn into wolves. It was just treated as one of those things.

Mostly The Half Wolf is a book about discovering your true self, about falling in love, about family being more than just blood, it’s about friendships and fears, about ancient mistrusts and new hopes; it’s settling down and digging in roots, and it’s about always being willing to listen to the voice inside when it nags you to go out and find your place.

It’s lovely and passionate and sweet and emotional and it packs a lot in to a fairly short length. I hope Jay lingers in this world for a while.

The beautiful cover from Garrett Leigh perfectly sums up the delights inside as Quinn awakens in a number of ways.

#ARC provided by the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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