Potential trigger issues but I didn’t find it dark

Dark & Dazzling (Sassy Boyz, #2)Dark & Dazzling by Elizabeth Varlet

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I liked this one more than book one. I’m not sure just what it was, but I had more sympathy for Z than I had had with Ansel, even though most of Z’s problems were caused by his own pride.

I loved Connelly though, even if he was a bit of an idiot to not tell Azariah that he’d paid his back rent for him. His whole character was unapologetically caring and he tried to do his best all the time.

I wouldn’t say this one was particularly dark though, there’s two scenes people have highlighted as being potential issues but I felt neither hit the non con status even if one was a little bit icky and the other was filled with angry emotions.

Either way, there’s some hot sex, some angst, some dramady and a nice lot of groveling to wrap things up.

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