My favourite one yet in the series – full of comfort and hope

Brave & Beautiful (Sassy Boyz, #3)Brave & Beautiful by Elizabeth Varlet

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Definitely my favourite so far in this series and the one which ties in the closest to the dance related theme on which the books hang.

Surprisingly, for a character who has suffered so much in his relatively short life, Tam was a beautiful soul, and I never found this story to be particularly depressing or overly angsty.

I also didn’t really find Driver to be an ass, as others have pinned him, I understood his need to run, to try and escape from feeling anything real. Yes, he was a dick, but it wasn’t done from malice or even with any deliberate intention.

I will say one thing though, why the bizarre names?! I swear there’s not one character in these books, including secondary ones, that has what I’d consider a ‘normal’ name and it does knock me out of the story a bit when I read it.

Not that I expect everyone to be called Fred or John and to be honest, it’s mostly Driver that I’m having a whinge about because really, Driver?! (I loved Tam’s name though so yes, I’m fickle)

There’s some truly sweet character development in this one and the steam level, while on the lesser side for quite valid reasons, still manages to be wonderfully expressive and emotional.

Loved the cover too, again my fave of the series so far.

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