Gives a whole new meaning to slow burn!

Someone Worth SavingSomeone Worth Saving by Ruthie Luhnow

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lordy this is slow burn and then some with the first kiss not happening until 80% in, but surprisingly, it works.

It’s not like there’s massive UST either, for a long part of this story the two MCs are just becoming friends. It suited the setting, the slow rolling ranch lifestyle, the Wyoming hills, the sleepy town. To have had a fast and frantic love story would have felt out of place.

There was a bit of dramady which the narrative could have still worked without but I was glad that Reed found the courage to stand up for himself and reject the way his family treated him.

I didn’t warm up to either of the MCs particularly though, one of the reasons for my slightly lower rating, for whatever reason, I just couldn’t fall in love with them.

I did, however, love Mona and the book’s setting as a whole, which felt realistic and welcoming, even if everyone who interacted with Brady ended up being bisexual (apart from him and Reed that is).

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