This is a great intro to Lucy’s new series

Facing West (Forever Wilde, #1)Facing West by Lucy Lennox

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is comforting and familiar, like a warm snuggly blanket in front of a roaring fire. It has all the elements I’d expect to find in a Lucy Lennox romance and it just made me go awww a lot while reading it.

I like the idea of another giant family where it’s not a big deal to be LGBTQ+ and there’s acres of support in a loving household killed with people who pass no judgement.

Doc and Grandpa were ace, as was the rest of West’s family and I loved that there’s still the link back to the Marian series through Nick’s friendship with Griffin.

The banter in this was good, there wasn’t much in the way of the sexual innuendo of the Made Marian books and instead the reader gets good natured ribbing from siblings as grandparents.

Nico was an enigma, desperately trying to find his place but pushing away any attempt to give him a new opportunity. I was glad West kept at him and wouldn’t give up.

There’s a low level of angst and the sexual connection between the two MCs is deliciously sensual and emotionally powerful as well as straight up explosive.

I’m looking forward to finding out more from this new family and location. Oh, and that cover has me drooling.

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