Great improvement over book one in this new series

The Garden (Lavender Shores, #2)The Garden by Rosalind Abel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There was a lot less cheese in this one than the first in the series and a whole lot more down and dirty sexy times.

Both Walden and Gilbert had huge amounts of baggage but together they managed to even out the doubts and fears of past mistakes to make some seriously hot and steamy encounters mean more than just a hook up.

I liked how, while it was another super fast relationship, the ground work of good communication and honesty with each other was firmly planted as they realised there was more than just the sex drawing them together.

This is a really cool setting, I liked the world building in the first book, and we get more of that here which helps ground the story in its coastal quirky California home.

It was also nice to see Andrew and Joel being happy and to catch up with the res t of the crazy inhabitants of Lavender Shores.

The teaser of book three looks like it’s going to be even better and a pairing which hadn’t event popped my radar!

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