Crazy antics in the latest addition to this series

Code BlueCode Blue by Max Walker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5* Once again I want to rate this higher but there’s just a few niggling little things which stop it hitting the top mark. This time round it’s typos and editing mix ups on top of another stalker plot.

I actually mostly liked the stalker plot, it worked better than the one in Code Silver, but it seems this hospital and the people connected with it have a great talent for attracting the crazy!

Crow is Red’s former PA from book two and Ethan is another of the Sierra View doctors. I thought their initial meeting and attraction was well done and there was quite a slow burn before they became intimate.

I also loved how there was no relationship drama, these two opened up and talked honestly to each other which helped reduce the insta love feeling.

I’d guessed who the stalker was going to be and the reveal worked, even if the situation as a whole needs a bit of suspended belief.

Overall I still think book two has worked the best but i look forward to the fourth and finding out more about Spencer. And again the lovely cover helps.

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