Truly beautiful tale of love

The Shape of YouThe Shape of You by Felice Stevens

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Not going to lie, this book’s epilogue made me tear up a bit because of the simple beauty of the declaration of love between Corey and Eric.

I’m always wary when a book deals with weight related issues but I should have known that in Felice’s sure hands the subject would be dealt with honestly and with a gentle surety that change is possible if you want it for yourself and not for any external reasons.

For both Eric and Corey it was a change of mindset about how they mentally viewed food and the associations eating brought along with it.

I loved how they were flawed and didn’t solve their issues instantly, that they accepted poor habits were not just going to go away from both ends of the weight spectrum. I loved that this book addressed how being too thin is also a problem and brings its own set of self worth issues.

But most of all I loved that this is a love story about how two men who’ve struggled to connect to the world could find the strength and joy in each other which made them want to live without fear.

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