My favourite one again in this interconnected series!

Constructing the Soul: Souls of Chicago seriesConstructing the Soul: Souls of Chicago series by Annabella Michaels

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I do love Annabella Michaels’ style of writing, it just works for me on an enjoyment level where I know I’ll get a strong, solid relationship with a lot of steam and a bit of well placed angst.

This one is the best yet in her Souls of Chicago series, and it steps outside the key core group for the first time while keeping the close connections and focusses in on Landon’s best friend Akio and his relationship with Greene family member Morgan.

I wasn’t sure the angst causing moment worked quite as well however, as there’d not really been a lot of development given to the character who caused it. But it’s a minor point because it wasn’t left to sit and stew and both men immediately talked through the issue.

The sexy times are seriously sexy, I loved the passion between Akio and Morgan and I loved how Annabella introduced a character with a Japanese mother without making a huge deal out of it. It’s always nice to read books which aren’t just always two Caucasian American or British men.

Another blindingly gorgeous cover from Jay Aheer caps off the loveliness of this book and the lead in to book six was awesome!

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