Cliffhangers, I hate cliffhangers!

Kríe Captivity (The Nira Chronicles #1)Kríe Captivity by Kora Knight

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book lost a star for the cliffhanger, I truly hate them!

However, it is a very good start to this new sci-fi world from Knight.

I’ve loved her previous two erotic romance with BDSM twist series’ and was looking forward to this one too.

Overall she delivers a rich world with an intriguing cast of new species and culturally diverse behaviour with the spice and heat of an erotic romance mixed with an element of mystery thriller – think Avatar with more sexy times.

There’s not actually a lot of sex in this one but when it kicks off, it does so in style and with a flair of the exotic to carry the reader along.

Just need the next book to hurry up and be out soon now!

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