Good series start with a sweet self-awakening romance

City Boy (Hot off the Ice, #1)City Boy by A.E. Wasp

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I liked an awful lot of this book, the plot isn’t beyond the realms of possibility – there are plenty of men who don’t come out until later life for whatever reason – and it felt honest.

I believed that Bryce hadn’t a clue why he wasn’t able to make his marriage work even though he’d loved his wife (they’re over by some years when this story starts) and that his weird feelings about other blokes he’d put down to either admiration of their skills or their personalities, rather than they’d been the crushes of an unaware gay man.

He was beautifully naive and it showed in every interaction with Dakota, making their mountainside hook up all the more heartfelt and emotional.
Dakota was also a nicely rounded character, his hurt and anger at what was happening in his life and how he felt once the new owner of the farm was revealed was also understandable.

But, once they got together, I think it became a little less realistic, there were only minor hurdles thrown in their path (and yes it’s a romance and it’s nice to see that the whole world aren’t homophobic assholes and all their friends and family were fine because they’d all really secretly thought Bryce was gay) but I think a bit more conflict would have worked better.

There is a pervading masculinity in sport, especially in the US’s top four, and I don’t think perhaps enough was given to the real fears that should have been part of Bryce’s decisions he was making regarding his future. It was mentioned but brushed aside slightly.

Now, that’s only a tiny minor criticism and it’s nothing which spoils the flow of the narrative or the romance of the book itself, which is really sweet and has a lot of stupidly hot sex, especially as Bryce is a total gay sex virgin. This was done really well, they didn’t just jump into full on demon monkey sex all over the place!

I had an ARC so there are a fair few typos, grammatical tense mistakes and editing errors which I’d expect would be ironed out by the time the book comes out so they didn’t distract too much from the over all story.
This is the start of a new series from A.E. Wasp and one I’m looking forward to continuing.

#ARC received from the author in response for an honest and unbiased review.

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