Chapter two with David and Murdo clips along at a faster pace

Beguiled (Enlightenment)Beguiled by Joanna Chambers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This one is much quicker on plot narrative than the scene setting of the first book. There us also a much greater level of connection between our erstwhile heroes.

Two years later, this centres around the true historical event of George IV’s visit to Scotland at the behest of Sir Walter Scott, novelist and the starting point for the romanticism of the Highland way of life.

I love it when a history novel uses real events to wrap its story around and this one is filled with it.

David and Murdo are thrown together once again but this time there is a much deeper connection being forged between them as the rights of married women become central to the political thriller nature of this series.

I’m also hoping that the delightful Captain Sinclair is going to get his own book, I find him most intriguing.

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