My favourite – Hassell knocks it out the park again

First and First (Five Boroughs #3)First and First by Santino Hassell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My favourite so far. I don’t know how Santino did it but he managed to take two of the characters who’d been loitering around the first two books basically being arses and causing problems and create an epically brilliant journey to romance.

I loved, loved, loved Caleb and Oliver in First and First, having been a bit put out by each of them in Sutphin Boulevard and Sunset Park but here, here they were redeemed a thousand times over.

The opening scene is genius, how we’re given a glimpse into the New Year’s Eve sexual escapades which blew Caleb’s mind and firmly threw away his feelings of repression and fear, this drip feed of sexuality was highly erotic and only added to the delicious climax when the pair came together again.

“You’re so sexy,” Oli panted. “And you don’t even know it, and that just makes me want to destroy you.

Caleb and Oli go on such a journey together. This is the beauty of Santino’s novels. His characters have depth and realness, they make mistakes, they’re idiots at times, they hurt each other both deliberately and without meaning to.

Ultimately though, they find happiness in their imperfect pairings and it’s joyous to read. As Aiden says:

“…There’s not one way to to live or to love, and whoever tries to tell you any different will probably be dead in a decade or two anyway, so screw them!”

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